Piece-of-PuzzleDr Danie Oosthuizen and Associates is a specialist Industrial Psychology consulting practice offering services to both corporate and private individuals. As a high-performing business, we execute projects in line with core business needs, resulting in a multi-faceted, unique, innovative and results-driven approach to the management of complex business and individual challenges.

Although we are based in Pretoria, we offer our services to clients across South Africa, Africa and the Middle East, which we do in a diplomatic, balanced environment, with the utmost capability of applying solutions and achieving results.

Dr Danie Oosthuizen, the founder and Managing Director of the business, is a well know professional and Industrial Psychologist in South Africa. Danie has refined expertise in mid-career transitions, organisational development activities and business improvement strategies gained from more than two decades’ management and consulting experience. He spearheads the development of big-picture human resources strategies to guide his valuable clients in achieving short and long term business goals, in order to realize significant organisational benefit through a well-designed and seamless workflow environment. Danie is well known in the Industrial Psychology field for his experience in client need assessment, and the scoping, designing, and implementation of Talent Measurement solutions for clients. He provides valuable functional guidance and direction to the professional teams he advises.

As an ambitious and energetic industry specialist, Danie is inspired and motivated by success through the achievement of organisational goals. He is fuelled by improving business performance, whilst his all-embracing skill set has enabled him to successfully execute new projects across various platforms. As a registered Industrial Psychologist and an accomplished manager, Danie’s experience accounts for a unique skill-set and the business acumen of a modern visionary. He is an expert in policy development and the analysis thereof for application in daily practice. His mission is to add continuous value to an organisation through the skilful definition of company direction, whilst exceeding targets set. He is able to ensure project delivery within given deadlines and the achievement of competitive advantages through his unique abilities.

As a dynamic self-starter, Danie provides excellent communication capabilities and offers experience in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team settings. He provides admirable relationship management skills across all levels. He is able to apply his knowledge and experience to different circumstances and environments through an intelligent approach, and a resilient, hardworking and friendly personality.

Through sustainable team development and effective leadership abilities, Danie offers specialist skills in accurate risk assessment as applicable in the field of Industrial Psychology and thorough environment analysis. His vision is to provide project guidance through the identification, development and implementation of industrial psychology solutions for the benefit of his client. His innovative strategies consequently produce high impact results whilst promoting the integrity of the organizations and the parties involved.